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Love Your Pet Month – Legal Options

young couple with their petMany pet owners think of their pets as important members of their family. They worry about their health, happiness and well-being every day. If a couple separates or goes through with a divorce and they own one or more pets, this can present numerous legal challenges as to who will have rights over their precious pets. Pets should also be included in estate planning according to a group of experienced Wisconsin estate planning attorneys.

Important Considerations for Estate Planning for Pets

Many compassionate pet owners want to leave their money to their beloved pets. This is not allowed under Wisconsin law according to one seasoned team of Wisconsin estate planning attorneys, but provisions, including financing, can be included in general estate planning documentation.

Consult with a Wisconsin Will and Trust Attorney Regarding Pets

The pet owner can stipulate their wishes for their pet to be given to a loving organization or caretaker of their choice. Then, the pet owner can ensure that the pet’s future caregiver will have the necessary resources to give the pet a good home and proper care. There are provisions for pets that can be placed into a will, trust funds for the pet and more.

What Happens to Pets After a Couple Divorces?

A divorce can be difficult enough for everyone involved, and many pet owners are caught off-guard when they learn that courts think of pets as property and will usually award pets to just one party. Judges will often consider the emotional needs of any children involved with regards to pet-related rulings. Couples can make future provisional plans for their pets by talking with a knowledgeable Wisconsin pet divorce attorney before a divorce is undertaken.

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