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The Surprising Effect Daylight Savings Time Has on Your Driving and Safety

daylight saving timeThe middle of the fall season is almost here and Daylight Standard Time. The clock went back one hour and the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Unfortunately, both Daylight Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time are also not the best for your health. Both can also have surprising effects on your driving and safety.

When you lose an hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, especially at the beginning, it can have adverse effects on your health. There have been studies performed that confirm that abrupt changes in the time, even when it’s just an hour, is directly related to injuries sustained while on the job. Additionally, there is an uptick in car accidents immediately following Daylight Saving Time. More people are driving while their bodies and minds alike are still tired and yearning sleep.

Daylight Standard Time, which occurs in the fall when we turn the clocks back one hour, also has certain problems and poses risks to your health. As the weather turns steadily cooler and it grows darker earlier, there is a noticeable increase in the number of car accidents and personal injuries as well. Darkness suddenly descending earlier often feels unexpected and it can take your eyes and even brain some time to effectively adjust to the change.

Further studies have shown that losing an hour of daylight during the afternoon due to Daylight Standard Time can lead to the development of mental illnesses such as seasonal affective disorder or “winter depression” and even bipolar disorder.

When you know that the clocks are going to change along with the season, it’s important to stay as safe as possible. Doctors and scientists urge the public to take certain steps to fight the negative effects that come with the time change. They include the following:

With these few adjustments, you can be safe and happier during the colder seasons and while darkness lasts longer than daylight.

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