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Helping Customers Review Their Affairs in Turbulent Times

estate planningThere are a lot of things that may be contributing to your stress right now. With COVID-19, a financial crisis, and the U.S. presidential election, it may seem like the stress will never go away. However, with proper planning, flexibility, and the help and tips from an attorney, a lot of that stress may be alleviated.

Should people wait until after the election is done to review their affairs?
Al believes that you shouldn’t wait and that now is actually an ideal time to review your affairs. Right now, you can sit down with a Wisconsin will and trust attorney and plan for the future, and you can plan in a way that allows flexibility for potential changes that may be coming to policies. The two major areas to have flexibility are in regard to financial planning and in particular tax planning.

An example of how you can plan for the future is through the use of revocable trusts. A revocable trust is a way you can ensure that your estate is going where you want it to go, and it allows you to take control of your estate and legacy, even when policies change. The McLario firm can help you with this process.

How should charitable giving be approached, especially in light of this election season?
Al recommends that if you can, you should strive to do Charitable Giving sooner rather than later. While it is definitely possible and common to include charitable giving in an estate plan, you’ll feel much more satisfied if you do so while you’re still able and living. At McLario we feel so fortunate we encourage everyone that can to give and donate this holiday season.

Plan for the things that you can plan for, and then there’s no point in worrying about the rest. Things are going to happen that are going to be out of your control, and at McLario, Helm, Bertling, and Spiegel we believe we need to focus on not only what’s under our control, but what’s really important.

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