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Fall Personal Injury Safety Checklist

beautiful autumn landscapeAs falling leaves and crisp cooler weather heralds the arrival of fall, some safety concerns may arise during this time. Help keep your family safe to enjoy all of those family fun activities that make this season memorable. Consider these fall safety tips from an experienced Menomonee personal injury attorney.

Fall Fire Safety Tips
A group of competent Wisconsin personal injury attorneys have some terrific fall fire safety tips that everyone should heed.
1. Service Furnace
To keep your heating unit running safely and at peak capacity, service your furnace before use and perform any needed maintenance tasks or repairs.
2. Use Caution When Burning
Burning leaves can start dangerous fires that can quickly spread. Never burn during dry or windy weather. Monitor the fire then put out responsibly.
3. Use Extreme Caution with Space Heaters
Always use the recommended use guidelines when using space heaters. Keep heaters away from flammable items, young children and pets.
4. Change Batteries
Switch batteries in smoke/carbon-monoxide detectors when time changes.
5. Clean Fireplace & Use Caution Burning Candles
Always have your fireplace cleaned before use. Use extreme caution with candles.

Fall Driving Safety Tips
1. Watch Out for Kids & Bikes
Daylight fades faster in the fall. Kids walking or riding bikes may be hard to see so keep alert.
2. Stay Alert for Ice Patches & Weather Changes
A Wisconsin premises liability lawyer cautions drivers to watch for ice and obstacles in the road.

Fall Slip-and-Fall Safety Tips
Slip-and-fall cases can result in property owner liability if sued. Hidden fall dangers include:
Slippery rugs
Wet floors
Broken concrete/floors
Keep your property well-maintained and safe to avoid a dangerous slip-and-fall environment.
Contact a Wisconsin slip and fall attorney, like McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel , if an accident/fall occurs.

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