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7 Ways to Help Your Child (and Yourself) Get Ready for the New School Year

schoolThere is no question about it: COVID-19 has changed virtually every aspect of our life, and that includes our kid’s school year. You might be struggling with how to adjust. Here are seven things to prepare.

1. Practice mask-wearing at your home, even when you are the only one there. This can help prepare your child to wear a mask for hours at a time and get your kids comfortable with the concept.
2. Make sure to explain to your kids, in an age-appropriate way, why this year is so different. Teach them what social distancing is and why they need to observe it.
3. Encourage your kids to feel whatever emotions they are experiencing as a result of the stress and strain of this school year. Help them process those emotions by talking to your kids about them, journaling about them, etc.
4. Help them come up with alternative activities to those that they are missing. For example, if they are sad that they can’t do team sports, find something else that they may like.
5. Keep their social life as active as possible, even if that means setting up digital playdates instead of real ones.
6. Practice good hygiene and hand washing at home, and have everyone make sure they don’t touch their face.
7. Make sure your kids know who they can talk to if they feel afraid or scared about arrangements at school.

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