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How to Protect the Senior Citizens in Your Life from Elder Abuse?

elder abuseNumerous unscrupulous individuals’ prey on the trusting nature and potential vulnerabilities some senior citizens display. This behavior often manifests in a growing societal issue known as elder abuse. Fortunately, there are actions seniors and their loved ones can take that might prevent this crime.

McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel, an elder abuse law firm serving those residing in Milwaukee and surrounding Wisconsin cities, invites concerned parties to read this short piece providing a brief overview of the crime and several possible prevention tips.

Elder Abuse Overview 

Elder abuse occurs when individuals sworn to protect elderly individuals exploit such persons. The three most common categories of this criminal offense are emotional, physical and financial abuse.

Emotional – Emotional abuse occurs when caregivers use foul, abusive or threatening language to subdue or intimidate sage subjects. Common examples of this include name calling, insults, intimidation or non-physically threatening actions.

Physical- Physical abusers employ physical contact to subjugate seniors. Such physicality may take the form of hitting, slapping, pushing and punching.

Financial- Occasionally, seniors entrust certain individuals to perform financial duties they may no longer be capable of executing, such as, remitting bills and managing bank and other financial accounts. That said, instead of completing said duties, the abuser steals from the unsuspecting senior.

COVID-19 and Elder Abuse 

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, there are added concerns for everyone, but especially in regards aging individuals. Unfortunately, due to increased social isolation, financial distress, and shelter-in-place orders, the reports of elder abuse have increased. Elders are now even more likely to have others take advantage of them financially and emotionally. It’s critical that aging individuals and their loved ones call a Wisconsin elder abuse attorney at times like these.

Potential Prevention Tips 

Fortunately, seniors or their loved ones might prevent the occurrence of such malfeasant behavior through actions like:

Noticing the Signs of Abuse – Sometimes, seniors might be too frightened to speak up for themselves. Therefore, their loved ones should be especially vigilant in looking out for symptoms such as a change in their relative’s mood, appearance or hygiene, the development of new or unexplained injuries or outward signs of physical abuse such as welts and bruises.

Report Any Suspicions Immediately – Those who suspect the possibility of elder abuse are strongly encouraged to report such incidents to local law enforcement authorities, government monitoring agencies for institutions like nursing homes and to a Milwaukee elder abuse attorney. Any of these entities can initiate an immediate investigation and quickly stop malfeasant behavior.

Monitor Finances – Seniors or trusted relations are encouraged to monitor their financial statements. If any findings appear dicey, said documents should be brought to the attention of authorities or an experienced elder abuse lawyer.

Contacting Us 

Aging individuals or close relations who believe they or their loved one may have been victimized by some form of elder abuse are encouraged to contact a Milwaukee elder abuse attorney. The legal professionals employed at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel can help investigate the facts and might be able to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice. Please visit https://mclario.com/.

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