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Children growing up? How to update your estate plan

estate planningOnce your children are grown, you might want to update your estate plan. The challenge that you might have, however, is how to update your estate plan. Contact Milwaukee estate planning attorneys at the law office of McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel today, for all the help you need on updating your estate plan. Our attorneys are the most resourceful on estate planning hence; you have a guarantee of competent legal counsel.

Role of an Attorney in your CaseĀ 
When your children are finally grown and probably blessed you with grandchildren, you might want to include your grandchildren in your will. Therefore, you will need to change some aspects of your will, either entirely or partly, to add your grandchildren as beneficiaries. Working with Milwaukee estate planning attorneys at the law office of McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel will help you develop a codicil as an update to your will. Codicils get to help you include new details in your will without having to revoke the original will. In the event you want to draft a new will to cancel the original one, it is your attorney who will guide you on the requirements of the revocation of a will.

If you want to update a trust; you will realize that the process is more complicated than you will have expected. Your attorney will offer you legal counsel on what types of trusts are easy to update. A revocable trust can be updated at any given time if you are mentally competent to do so. In cases of an irrevocable trust, your attorney from McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel will diligently take you through the provisions of the trust instrument and verify whether some clauses allow you to update it.

Please contact our Milwaukee estate planning attorneys and let our able attorneys take you the process of updating your estate plan.

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