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Why Millennials Need An Estate Plan

estate plan for millenialsFor millennials who are beginning their careers and the process of raising a family, estate planning is an issue that may not seem important during this time. However, the fact is it could be possibly the most important issue they are facing. From protecting their children, ensuring their healthcare wishes are carried out should they become sick, or making sure their spouse or life partner has certain legal rights pertaining to property and other matters, it is crucial an estate plan be put in place as quickly as possible. Should you need help doing so, turn to Menomonee Falls estate plan lawyers at McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel.

Protecting Children
For millennials who want to protect their children, creating a will as part of their estate plan is essential. Since this legal document can lay out such provisions as who will care for the children in the event their parents die, this can be crucial in making sure your children are cared for by those you deem to be best-suited for the job. When creating a will, always first consult with Menomonee Falls estate plan lawyers to make sure all aspects of planning are properly addressed.

Healthcare Needs
When creating an estate plan, you can also include various needs related to healthcare. In most plans, this means naming a person who will have power of attorney over your healthcare needs and decisions, such as what to do if you are on life-support or are unable to express yourself due to other injuries. Whatever the case may be, putting your wishes down in writing within an estate plan can save family members from having to make excruciating decisions in times of extreme stress.

Rather than leave these and other important aspects of your life to chance, formulate an estate plan by scheduling a consultation today with McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel.

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