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Why Are Wisconsin Teen Drivers More Prone to Accidents? What Can Be Done?

two teens in the carDriving is a rite of passage in our culture. Young drivers must be trained and advised about proper driving safety. Many young drivers do not behave responsibly behind the wheel and this causes dangerous, or fatal, accidents. Wisconsin’s teen crash rate is above the national average. This is a result of inexperience and irresponsible driving practices.

There are a few reasons for the stark increase in danger among teen drivers throughout the country, and specifically in Wisconsin:

• Speeding
Studies have shown that teen drivers are more prone to speeding. Speeding is the number one cause of automobile accidents. Speeding is irresponsible and inexperienced drivers cannot safely handle increased speed.

• Seat Belts
Other irresponsible behaviors also contribute to the increased incident of Wisconsin accidents among teen drivers. Studies have found that many teens involved in serious or fatal accidents do not properly restrain themselves with seat belts. They have also found that most incidents involve automobiles that have a teen driver as well as one or more teen passengers.


The best way to make Wisconsin’s roads safer is to properly educate teen drivers and employ parental controls to govern their driving. Inexperienced drivers need guidance and punishment if they act irresponsibly. If you have been in an unfortunate accident caused by any driver, then you should research Wisconsin personal injury attorneys. These highly trained professionals can help you navigate through a stressful situation. They will fight for what you deserve and help you put your accident behind you.

McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel are Wisconsin area attorneys that know the law and have the experience to represent you fairly. Their experienced staff is dedicated to protecting their community. They strive to obtain the proper restitution for victims of unsafe and irresponsible drivers. They believe that the best way to prevent accidents is to seek punishment for, and restitution from, those who make Wisconsin’s roads more dangerous. Contact the office today to schedule your case consultation.

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