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What Your Body Experiences in a Car Accident

car accident injuriesVery few experiences in life can impact the body like an automobile accident. Even a small accident can leave a victim confused mentally as well as shaken physically, even when there are no apparent superficial injuries. The mental shock alone is enough to get the individual attention, and the results are even worse when serious injuries are incurred. Luckily, automobile insurance is a legal requirement in the state of Wisconsin, and there is typically at least a minimum amount of liability protection available for the victims of accidents. But, it always takes effective representation from a knowledgeable Wisconsin car accident attorney.

Cranial Area

One of the first and most common effects on the body in an auto collision is the sapping of the neck and head, also known as whiplash. Seat belts are designed to protect the torso of the body for the most part, and even air bags offer little protection for the cranial area. This also means that the entire facial area is vulnerable as well as the ears. Superficial injury is usually the most common type of injury, but internal injuries are also very frequent.

Body and Limbs

The body torso and externalities are commonly targets for serious injury, with internal injuries producing internal bleeding in serious cases. This is a very serious medical condition that many accident victims do not consider when they do not suffer obvious external injuries. Broken limbs and spinal injuries are also very common, both of which are injuries that require a significant amount of rehabilitation time. Back injuries are known to last the remainder of a lifetime, and being properly compensated for a back injury always requires aggressive representation from legal counselors like the Milwaukee car accident attorneys at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel Law Offices.

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