Car Accident Injuries That Show Up Later

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car accidentSerious Accident Injuries Can Show Up Later

It is common for those who have been though a car accident to think they are fine. They may feel that they do not need legal or medical assistance. The problem is that the shock and stress from thin incident can make it difficult to see how much damage the accident has really caused. If you have been in an accident you need to talk to a Wisconsin car accident attorney right away to protect yourself and family. It is common to not realize you have a serious medical problem until hours, days, or sometimes weeks after an accident. Shock due to the trauma can often cloud your system and mask pain. Unfortunately, when you realize you are injured it may be too late to recover properly medically, financially, and legally. You should always consult with a Wisconsin personal injury attorney when there is an accident.

Milwaukee Car accident attorneys at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel are knowledgeable about personal injuries and know how to best help you and your loved ones after an accident. They will make sure you get a proper medical evaluation and treatment. Additionally, they will make sure that you document the incident. You need to get everyone’s information, witness statements, photographs, etc. You do not want to try to gather or recollect this information, days or weeks later when you realize that you really are injured. It is important that you protect yourself and loved ones while you are recovering. Do not give up injury and damage claims or lose evidence because you think you are okay. Your experienced legal team will advise you not to say such phrases: “no big deal,” “looks like there is no harm,” “we are fine,” or “we will each take care of our damage.” Those words will be used against you if there is a legal case.

The need to consult with an expert Wisconsin personal injury attorney and get medical treatment also applies to other injuries besides car accidents. Whether you have been injured at work, or while shopping at a local business, it is always important to seek legal advice.

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