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How to Navigate a Second Marriage With Kids

second marriageOur Wisconsin family law attorneys do much more than just help people to divide assets and agree on child support and custody issues. They also are qualified to provide advice when it comes time for clients to walk down the aisle again.

Many people who have been married and divorced are gun-shy about going through the process again, while others can’t seem to wait to jump back in with both feet. No matter which camp you fall into, it makes a great deal of sense to speak with a Wisconsin family lawyer before you take any permanent steps.

One of the most important steps that family law attorneys recommend for a second marriage is a prenuptial agreement. When it comes to second marriages, especially when children are involved, it may be critical to protect and preserve certain assets from a prior marriage. This ensures that children remain eligible to receive certain inheritances to which they are entitled by virtue of the marriage of their biological parents. Moreover, people entering into a second marriage may have considerably more assets than they had upon entering into their first marriage. Separating these assets may make a great deal of financial sense.

When it comes to divorce lawyers in Wisconsin, residents can rely on their legal advisors to provide guidance regarding child support and custody. For instance, your attorney will help you to determine whether or not any changes to existing support and custody agreements are necessitated by the second marriage. They can help you engage in negotiations with your prior spouse to ensure that your children continue to receive the support and attention that they require.

When a new marriage begins with children already in the picture, there are bound to be bumps in the road. Wisconsin divorce lawyers recommend keeping a cool head and trying to find reasonable compromises. Protecting assets and ensuring the ongoing efficacy of child support and custody agreements are two ways that a new family can navigate their way toward a peaceful and productive household.

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