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The 5 Requirements for a Deed

deedIf you are interested in transferring property to someone, or having property rights transferred to you, one of the first steps to take is to secure a deed. A deed is a legal document that is signed and given to the person accepting the property rights. In the realm of Wisconsin estate planning, there are 5 main requirements that a deed must contain in order to be legally sufficient.

1. There must be language stating that the document is a deed and is conveying the interest of the property.

This information should be listed at the beginning of the document to clearly indicate its reason for existing.

2.The deed must identify who the grantor is and their legal right to transfer the property.

At this point, the grantor, the person transferring the property rights, should be stated, as well as how they are able to transfer said property.

3.Identify the grantee.

This section should state the person that will receive the property rights.

4.Precisely describe the property.

The details of the property must be exact and specific in order to be included in the deed.

5.Must be validated by the grantor and grantee.

The signature of each party makes the deed legally binding and is needed to put it into effect.


The creation and execution of a deed is complex and, if not done correctly, will not properly give the rights to the grantee. In any instance where property is to be transferred, an attorney should be contacted. A Milwaukee real estate lawyer can help you draft this document and include all necessary parts to ensure that the property is conveyed. An attorney can also answer any questions regarding Wisconsin estate planning and what happens next in the process. Furthermore, if there is a need to go to court or legal representation needed for this transaction, an attorney can make sure that your rights are protected.

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