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Lasting Effect of Car Accidents

car accidentA car accident can injure drivers, passengers or nearby pedestrians rapidly at any time and in any location. Although many accidents are nothing more than scary-yet-minor fender benders that result in no injuries or only short-term ones that heal eventually with little impact on an injured person’s life, motor vehicle accidents often cause more serious, long-lasting health problems. In many cases, people either experience noticeable injuries that receive immediate treatment or learn about the true impact of an injury on their health weeks, months or years after a doctor originally told them that they were fine.

If you have been in an automobile accident or recently received a medical diagnosis related to an old accident, it’s important to contact a car and truck accident attorney in Wisconsin who handles personal injury cases as soon as possible to discuss personal injury compensation.

Why is contacting an attorney important?

A Milwaukee injury claim attorney, for example, will outline your options and guide you through the process. A Milwaukee or Menomonee personal injury attorney will also take the burden of navigating the legal obstacles involved with filing and winning a personal injury case off your shoulders. With less stress, you can put your focus and energy into healing and learning how to live a new reality that might include re-education for “new normal” body function, loss of income or health insurance, damage to personal relationships or struggles with depression and PTSD. Personal injury claims in Wisconsin also have a time limit, which means that you should speak with an attorney immediately after an accident or after you’ve learned about an accident’s true impact on your health.

What sort of common injuries disrupt lives?

Beyond a concussion, you might experience permanent cognitive, emotional, vision or hearing problems related to brain or nervous system damage. You might also experience torn muscles or other tissues, broken bones, damage to major organs or joints, spine or back problems, a heart attack or stroke, a collapsed lung, swallowing or speaking difficulties, pain, numbness or loss of function in one or more arms or legs, brachial plexus compression, thoracic outlet syndrome, poor balance or lack of mobility.

A car accident takes only seconds to completely alter a life. Even some temporary injuries require months of healing. With permanent injuries and damage, you might never see an end to the physical, emotional and financial disruption. If you’ve been in a recent accident or learned recently that an old accident caused previously-hidden lasting injuries, contact a local car and truck Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney today to review your case and make certain that the long-term effects of that moment in time won’t include delay of expensive treatments or poverty from job loss.

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