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Late Night Driving – Tips To Stay Safe

late night drivingThe McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel S.C., law firm wants you to remain safe while driving late at night. A Wisconsin personal injury attorney who works for us understands that many vehicular accidents occur late at night, but you can use these tips to avoid a collision that can lead to an injury.

Late Night Driving Tip 1: Use Your Vehicle’s Lights

Make sure that the lights on your vehicle are turned on late at night, and before leaving your home or workplace, verify that snow or ice isn’t covering the headlights or brake lights. Remember that you can adjust your headlights while on a highway or country road, but also, remember to dim the lights when there is oncoming traffic.

Late Night Driving Tip 2: Don’t Drive When You Are Tired

A Menomonee car accident attorney will tell you that driving while you are tired is dangerous. When you are tired, your physical reflexes decline and your mind is less alert, making it easier to make a mistake while driving. Some drivers actually fall asleep while driving, injuring other drivers or passengers.

Late Night Driving Tip 3: Keep Your Vehicle’s Windows Clean

Have ice scrapers to remove the ice and snow from your vehicle’s windows. Make sure to clean all of the windows to have the best visibility while driving. Use your vehicle’s windshield wipers and other devices to eliminate condensation or rainwater.

Late Night Driving Tip 4: Carry a Working Smartphone

You should have a smart phone that is charged completely so that you can call for help if your vehicle stops operating late at night. Call an emergency road service company that can send technicians to tow your vehicle, but don’t accept assistance from any strangers.

Hire a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney

When you have a vehicular collision late at night or if you are injured by another driver, then McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel S.C., has a personal injury attorney Wisconsin residents trust. 

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