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How Technology Could Impact Your Divorce

technology and divorceGoing through a divorce is never easy. In today’s technology-rich culture, however, it can be even more stressful. Understanding how technology can impact your divorce case has become increasingly more important to ensure it is handled efficiently and in your best interest.


Choose your words carefully when responding via text or email. Using the wrong tone or allowing your frustrations to come out in your message could prove detrimental to your case. Additionally, even if an email or text is deleted on your end, there are always ways to retrieve this information should it be required in the future. Know that any documentation sent in anger or frustration could be used against you by our spouse’s attorney.

Location Tracking

Our technologically-driven world had made it increasingly more difficult to remain invisible. Without your knowledge, apps, smartphones, a Google account, and even driving through a tollway make it possible to track your every move. Because GPS technology exists, it is crucial to be forthright about the places you frequent. When at all possible, stay away from questionable locations without a proper and verifiable explanation.

Social media

Over the years, social media has changed the way we communicate with those around us. Understanding social etiquette when using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat is crucial. When you are in the midst of a divorce, when, how and what you share becomes very important. Similar to text and emails, never share sensitive information on social media. Even if you have stringent security settings, you never know who knows who when it comes to followers. A simple screenshot of an ill-placed rant can be shared with the wrong people. Additionally, your social media accounts are one of the first places your spouse’s attorney will look to build a case against you.

Be sure to review the privacy settings on all your social media and cloud-based accounts (google, email, Microsoft 360). Ensure that they are as secure as possible. In addition, do not use social media applications to document any part of your divorce proceedings. Instead allow this information to be collected by your family law attorney. Finally, be careful who you are allowing to access your social media accounts. Do not accept requests from individuals you do not know or who could potentially use information posted on your accounts against you.

Given the complexities of both technology and divorce proceedings, if you are considering a divorce in the State of Wisconsin, your first step should include hiring a reliable and trusted family law professional. Contact the team at McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel to discuss your options.

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