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Advancements in Car Technology: Aides or Distractions

car technologyTechnology can make driving more convenient in many ways. For example, GPS systems can make it easier for people to find their way to different locations. There is also technology that allows people to email, use social media and text while driving. While these things can make driving more convenient, they can also be a distraction.

The American Automobile Association has stated that technology is increasing the amount of time that people take their eyes off of the road. There have already been a number of studies done in order to confirm that using technology while driving is a distraction. However, new technology is coming out every day, and this is making the problem even worse.

Jake Nelson is the director of traffic safety advocacy and research for AAA. He was involved in a study that tested the infotainment systems in 30 cars and trucks. The results of the study showed that 23 of the vehicles had infotainment systems that required high or very high levels of attention. The other seven vehicles required moderate levels of attention.

Programming a GPS system can take up to 40 seconds. Keep in mind that being distracted for just two seconds can lead to an accident. It is also important to note that infotainment systems that are operated via voice command can also be distracting. Studies have shown that people also take their eyes off the road when they use a voice command.

Additionally, many of today’s systems are complex. Seventy percent of drivers want a car with new technology. However, only 24 percent of people believe that the technology works properly. Many people try to program the system while they drive.

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