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Recovering From an Accident? You Need the Expertise of a Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin

If you have had a personal injury in Wisconsin, you need an attorney on your side. An experienced personal injury attorney can conduct a thorough investigation and prove who the liable party is. McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, S.C. Law Firm has the attorneys to win this battle for you.

About the firm

accident injuryLocated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the firm has over 60 years experience with personal injury cases. Since opening in 1953, their attorneys have been helping clients receive the compensation they deserve. They never collect on a case unless they win.

They believe client’s needs should be put above their own and will fight to make that happen. If a client isn’t able to come to them, they’ll go to the client. You will be kept informed of any news on your case because you are the foundation of their practice and you have the right to know.

Areas of personal injury

The firm practices in many areas of personal injury, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Workplace injuries or wrongful death are on the list. If an animal attacks you, they are the firm to call on. If you have a loved one being abused in a nursing home, they will make things right. For any type of personal injury, they are the firm to call.

Personal injury attorneys

John J. McLario was the founder of the firm. He is now retired but began the idea to put the clients needs before his own, and this still stands today. He founded the firm on providing clients with honest representation at affordable costs.

Michael Lee Bertling is a personal injury partner who works 90 percent of personal injury litigation. He is the managing partner for the firm and keeps Mr. McLario’s beliefs intact.


If you are ever in need of Wisconsin personal injury attorneys, this is the firm for you. You won’t even have to deal with the insurance companies. They believe in putting you first and will fight to get you everything you deserve.

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When you contact our Milwaukee area law firm, your case will be treated like a unique request for assistance. You are a real person with real needs and will be treated like one by our firm. Nobody has time to be passed around an office from paralegal to secretary and back.
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