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Nursing Home Safety Violation Information in Waukesha

Wisconsin Assisted Care Center Safety Records Are Publicly Accessible

Most nursing homes are generally safe and secure. They provide good care and a high standard of living for their residents. Sometimes, though, patients are subjected to abuse and neglect at the hands of the staff. Finding out whether a current or prospective nursing home has a troubling history of providing substandard care or mistreating its patients is key to preventing abuse to you or your loved one.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services maintains public records of annual nursing home safety reports. You can check any of Waukesha County’s nursing homes to see if they were cited for infractions. Violations range from minor issues like food service menus not accommodating all dietary needs to serious problems like life-threatening dehydration. Using the State’s reports, you can avoid enrolling in a known abusive facility.

McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. makes no representation that one nursing home is safer or more dangerous than another. Our map is only intended as a resource to show where Waukesha’s nursing homes are located, the number of beds each has and its contact phone number.

Nursing Homes in Waukesha County Map

Prevent Physical and Emotional Abuse by Staying in Contact with Residents

Waukesha County is home to numerous nursing homes, allowing residents to pick the one best fitting their needs. From Oconomowoc to Menomonee Falls, Muskego and many communities in between, it’s easy to find a nursing home close enough for family members to maintain a close watch on their loved ones.

Keeping an eye on a nursing home resident allows friends and families to notice changes caused by emotional and physical abuse. Regular visits and interaction can mean the difference between a happy, healthy elder care facility resident and an abused, neglected one, or, in extreme situations, a victim of wrongful death.

Legal Trusts Help Keep Savings Intact by Limiting Fraud

People spend their lives building savings they hope will last them through their retirement years. Living in a nursing home or assisted living center can put this savings at great risk. Most facilities charge fair rates and a well budgeted individual can live their life with no fear of going bankrupt. Unfortunately, some employees take advantage of patients by defrauding them of their savings through coercion, frivolous charges or outright theft.

An established legal trust can put protections in place to limit or stop financial abuse of nursing home patients. Waukesha residents trust McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C.’s Wisconsin elder abuse lawyers to safeguard them from abuse and pursue legal action when abuse has taken place.

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