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When Fun Turns to Tragedy on the Water

Spending time in the water whether swimming or boating is a great way to spend the weekends or holidays, but these events can lead to a boating accident. Regardless of how careful you are about water safety, there is always the possibility of an accident. We cannot control how other individuals use the water bodies, and unfortunately, due to boating under the influence, negligence, or other circumstances, another person can cause an accident.

Most people don’t understand how damages are awarded in a personal injury case with many asking the following question, “What compensation can I receive?” There are some tricky and complicated issues when it comes to personal injury claims especially from boating accidents i.e. establishing liability and negligence when the accident was caused by a wave. The tricky situation behind boating accident personal injury cases should only be assessed by a Milwaukee injury lawyer. It is important to note that compensation is based on proving who caused the accident and the degree of responsibility.

Milwaukee Boating Accident AttorneyAt McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel, we understand the financial, emotional and physical toll that a personal injury case creates for families and people, the stress can be too much, and many people do not know how to ensue after the accident. The general rule for negligence is you and your attorney must prove that the other person failed to act with reasonable care (negligence), and due to the negligence, you got hurt. Negligence works with the following types of boating accidents; your boat hits another boat, your boat hits the other boat’s wake, your boat hits a wave, submerged rock or land.

Our highly qualified Milwaukee Personal injury attorneys will work hard to get fair compensation for your hospital and medical bills and any treatment that you need for the future. If your business suffers as a result of your injuries or you have lost wages, we strive to make sure that this becomes part of your compensation. Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys will give you the best opinion.

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