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What are Federal Regulations for Big Trucks?

About Big Truck Lawsuits

To start, there are federal size regulations for commercial motor vehicles. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration administers these regulations. As it relates to lawsuits, there are legal options for filing a lawsuit against commercial truck companies or drivers. In other words, absolutely yes, you can file a lawsuit if a commercial motor vehicle or big truck is involved.

At McLario Helm, Bertling & Spiegel S.C., claims against commercial motor vehicles is one of our subjects of expertise. You can say that if your case meets our requirements, we will take on the lawsuit and proceed to court for a money settlement. You can also say that our attorneys are Milwaukee personal injury attorneys. Specifically, under the personal injury field, our law firm handles the following:

Big truck on roadWe return to filing lawsuits against commercial truck companies or drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has size regulations. The size regulations for the trucks are the major thrust of the law. Therefore, the size regulations are where we start when we consider your lawsuit.

The federal government first enacted size regulations with the passage of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The act established the maximum width of a motor vehicle. The maximum width under the act is 96 inches or 2.44 meters. Currently, the maximum width of commercial trucks is 102.36 inches or 2.6 meters.

The maximum length of commercial motor vehicles works differently than you would think. The federal government does not set a maximum, but rather, a minimum. The states are allowed to regulate the length, but it is a minimum regulation and not a maximum regulation. For example, states must allow a bus to be a minimum of 45 feet or 13.72 meters in length. A commercial truck has a minimum of 28 feet or 8.53 meters.

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