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Check Milwaukee Nursing Homes’ Safety Record Before Entering

Avoid Nursing Home Abuse by Checking for Violations First

Milwaukee County has many nursing homes providing care for Wisconsin’s elderly and disabled citizens. Serving the most vulnerable members of society, these organizations provide loving care in difficult moments. Although rare, cases of nursing home abuse do exist.

A good way to avoid nursing home abuse is avoiding abusive homes.

Our map is only intended as a resource to show where Milwaukee’s nursing homes are located, the number of beds each has and its contact phone number. If you want to see all violations a nursing home received, the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services maintains a publicly accessible list of nursing home violations in Milwaukee. The nursing home abuse attorneys at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. make no representation that one nursing home is safer or more dangerous than another.

Nursing Home Abuse Can Lead to Wrongful Death

Map of Nursing Homes in Milwaukee CountyWhile many of the nursing home violations recorded by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services are minor infractions, pay special attention to Immediate Jeopardy citations. These violations represent failures by the nursing home which put residents at risk of serious injury or death. Nursing home deaths can happen for a variety of reasons. Physical abuse can lead to a fatal fall or head injury. Neglect can cause the wrong medication to be given to a patient with deadly side effects. Of further concern is Immediate Jeopardy violations are not single-instance infractions, they represent problems which could injure many patients if not addressed properly.

Nursing Home Violations in Wisconsin Are Rare

As troubling as the physical, emotional and financial abuse of the elderly may be, Wisconsin is a safe place for the vast majority of nursing home patients. Milwaukee’s wide selection of facilities benefits residents by giving them a great degree of choice in picking the right nursing home for their needs. Before entering a nursing home, it is a good idea to contact a Wisconsin estate planning attorney to set up a will, trust or power of attorney. Having a legal framework for your finances established before entering can eliminate potential sources of financial abuse.

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