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Avoid Probate Court in the Future: Create a Living Trust Today!

It is not easy to think of your own death and plan for it but it is necessary for the sake of the ones you love. Estate planning will ensure those you care about are left financially protected when you are no longer there to provide for them.

A Wisconsin estate-planning lawyer can help you to take care of this. For decades since McLario Helm Bertling & Spiegel S.C opened its doors in 1953, we have worked with a lot of families throughout Wisconsin to get their affairs in order in regard to estate planning.

FamilyLiving trusts is one way to ensure your loved ones will remain well taken care of. Living trusts can also help you to avoid probate processes and probate fees. Probate involves appraising personal finances in terms of property and other assets owned, debts owed and taking full inventory. It also involves distributing what is left as indicated in the will. When there is a living trust, those who are left behind can transfer your property fast and without any problems. This way, your property will go to those you want to leave it to.

A basic living trust makes it possible to avoid probate and the hassles and expense of probate court proceedings. A legally married couple can have one living trust to handle the property they co-own as well as property they own separately.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Get in touch with our lead estate-planning attorney Joseph Helm. He will give you an initial consultation at no cost. He is also a leading Wisconsin probate lawyer and he will provide professional estate planning services. This includes writing wills, revocable living trusts and also special needs trusts and life insurance trusts.

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