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Ozaukee County’s Rising Car Accident Statistics Show It’s a Dangerous Place to Drive

Over 1,000 Car Crashes Happen Every Year in Ozaukee County

There are consistently over 1,000 car accidents in Ozaukee County every year. 2014’s death toll surpassed the previous year’s total fatality number with several months left in the year. From head on collisions and rollovers to minor fender benders, Ozaukee County is slowly climbing up the list of Wisconsin’s most dangerous counties for drivers.

Many Car Accidents Happen on Ozaukee County’s Commuter Roads

Rising Car Accident StatisticsOzaukee County’s popular commuter roads regularly rank as top crash sites in the towns of Grafton, Mequon and Saukville. Grafton’s Washington St is involved in three of the five most dangerous intersections. The top five most dangerous intersections in Ozaukee County are:

Over 180 car accidents occurred at just those five intersections in 2013. More than 70 people were injured and left to deal with the emotional and physical trauma inevitably following a car accident.

Major Interstate Adds Additional Threat

I-43 runs through Ozaukee County, linking northeast Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Racine and Chicago. The high speeds and heavy traffic combine to cause serious accidents. Although I-43 is involved in only one of Ozaukee County’s most dangerous intersections, the long stretches of open road are the scene of frequent car accidents. Entrance and exit ramps are particularly dangerous, but drivers must exercise caution along the entire length of I-43.

Personal Injury Lawyers Are your Best Bet at Getting Fair Compensation after a Car Crash

The large hospital bills and significant lost wages following a car accident can put you in a difficult financial situation. The best way to receive fair compensation for your injuries starts by contacting a law firm. Personal injury attorneys provide the support you need following a car accident. An insurance company’s initial settlement offer is rarely enough to cover the damages sustained in an auto crash. The Milwaukee-area law offices of McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C.’s lawyers fight for what you deserve, offering the support and guidance you need following a car wreck. Without a personal injury lawyer defending your interests, the best you can hope for is a small settlement barely large enough to cover your medical expenses. Trust the Ozaukee County car accident lawyers at McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. for the legal support you need to receive just compensation for your injuries.

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