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Menomonee Falls Motorcycle Accident Injury Severity

Motorcycle Crashes Cause Severe Injuries in Menomonee Falls

Motorcycle accidents are terrifying and dangerous. With very little protection from other vehicles and objects, riders are often severely injured. Data from the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory shows exactly how serious the injuries are. Between 1994 and 2013, there were 162 reported motorcycle crashes in Menomonee Falls. Fortunately, only one of them resulted in a fatal injury. The remaining injuries paint a grim picture of how serious a motorcycle crash can be.

76% of Menomonee Falls Motorcycle Crashes Cause Confirmed Injuries

The accident reports show confirmed incapacitating injuries in 22% of Menomonee Falls’ motorcycle crashes. From permanent brain damage and spinal injuries to severed limbs and broken bones, incapacitating injuries can forever alter the lives of those involved. Non-incapacitating injuries, like road rash, minor cuts and bruises, are present in another 54% of crashes. The remaining 24% of crashes had possible injuries, almost half of which resulted in the motorcyclist being transported to the hospital for treatment. Taken together, these numbers show motorcyclists in Menomonee Falls have been unlikely to die as a result of their injuries, but the vast majority required hospitalization.

Alcohol, Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents in Menomonee Falls

It’s no secret alcohol and motorcycles don’t mix. While only 15% of Menomonee Falls’ motorcycle accidents involved alcohol, the injuries sustained in these crashes were worse than alcohol-free incidents. Only one alcohol related crash led to a possible injury. The other 96% resulted in a confirmed injury or death. Worse still, incapacitating injuries happened in 44% of the accidents, nearly double the amount than in non-alcohol related crashes.

Helmet use is another strong indicator of the seriousness of motorcycle injuries. Only one in three motorcyclists were wearing helmets at the time of their crash. The benefit of helmet use is demonstrated by the low, 15% incapacitating injury rate of helmet users. Menomonee Falls’ only fatal motorcycle crash victim between 1994 and 2013 was not wearing a helmet and was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Free Consultation for Motorcycle Crash Victims from Menomonee Falls Attorney

After a motorcycle crash, many victims are left with massive hospital bills, even when their injuries were non-incapacitating. Making sure you have enough money to pay your bills and continue your life before the accident often means hiring a Menomonee Falls personal injury attorney to represent your interests in court. The Menomonee Falls Law Office of McLario, Helm, Bertling, & Spiegel, S.C. offers free consultations to all victims of motorcycle injuries.

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