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Why Hire a Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

Some people are reluctant to hire a personal injury lawyer following an accident. It seems many people feel it may be in their best interest to proceed on their own. This approach is not only welcomed, but encouraged by the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are well trained in using certain language with injured people. One of the primary purposes in their communications is to convince the injured party that they should not seek counsel. They will inform the injured that obtaining a Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer will not increase their recovery. It will simply mean there will be attorney fees. Also, the insurance adjusters will seem very cooperative, sympathetic and interested in the injured’s situation. There is a very good reason for that.

Personal Injury Attorneys Get Higher Compensation

One large insurance company did a study which determined that individuals who are represented by an attorney obtain 2 ½ to 3 times more than individuals who are not. Therefore, there should be little wonder why insurance adjusters do not want the injured to obtain counsel.

Broken CarHandling injury claims is very complicated.. Getting medical bills paid to protect the injured’s credit is important. A good attorney can assist in that. Also, a good Wisconsin personal injury attorney will be able to properly evaluate a claim and, if the insurance company does not make a reasonable offer, can pursue further remedies. An individual without an attorney cannot do this.

A good attorney can also make certain that when a settlement is arrived at, all loose ends are tied up. There may be a situation where a health insurance company has a right to be reimbursed. A good attorney can negotiate with that company to obtain a proper reimbursement. This will increase the net recovery by the injured party.

Finally, a good attorney will be able to pursue all avenues of recovery on behalf of the injured. Many times there is insurance coverage where the lay person would not think to look. This can mean tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, to the injured.

Perhaps the biggest reason to obtain counsel is this simple fact. The insurance company does not want you to. This in and of itself speaks volumes as to why you should.

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