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Car Accidents in Washington County on the Rise

Rural Roads and Busy Intersections Make Washington County Surprisingly Dangerous

Car accidents are becoming increasingly common in Washington County. Many drivers don’t think twice about hopping in their cars and driving to work or running errands, but the likelihood of getting into a car accident is escalating.

From 2012 to 2013, there was a 9% increase in auto crashes countywide.

It is always advisable to practice defensive driving and motorists should exercise extreme caution in Germantown and West Bend. The county’s most populous cities are also home to the five most accident-prone intersections in Washington County.

400 Car Crashes at only Five Germantown and West Bend Intersections

All of Washington County’s five most dangerous intersections are located in the village of Germantown and the city of West Bend. 400 car accidents occurred in one year alone at these five locations, leaving over 150 people injured, some of them seriously. Whether you live, work or are just passing through West Bend and Germantown, you should be extra careful when driving through these intersections:

Although the most crash-prone intersections in Washington County are located in cities, rural roads are actually the scene of more total accidents. Deer jumping onto the road, narrower driving lanes and fewer street lights create a recipe for catastrophic car wrecks on miles of country roads. Statewide, there are roughly five times as many auto accidents on rural highways as urban roads. Worst of all, higher speed limits make these crashes much more likely to result in a serious or fatal injury than low-speed urban accidents.

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